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Death Knights - Blood(FC)None
Death Knights - Frost/UnholyNone
Druids - Balance1 Apply
Druids - FeralNone
Druids - Guardian(FC)None
Druids - Restoration1 Apply
Mages1 Apply
Paladins - Holy1 Apply
Paladins - RetributionNone
Priests - DisciplineNone
Priests - Shadow1 Apply
Rogues1 Apply
Shamans - ElementalNone
Shamans - Restoration1 Apply
Warlocks1 Apply
Warriors - ArmsNone
Warriors - Protection(FC)1 Apply
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Welcome to Agon!

Agon is a PvP guild on the WoW Europe server Stormscale.

On these forums you can find our RBG-groups and information about them as well as other information/discussions related to our guild. You can also apply to join our RBG-groups by clicking here.

If you are a member of the guild I highly recommend you to read the guilds rules, which can be found here.

Thank you very much for reading,

Agons founder and Guildmaster, Zaav

Did you know that "agon" means competiton? Thats a suiting name as competition is very important in PvP, dont you agree?
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Other Guild News

We are now recruiting!

Zaav, Feb 18, 13 8:04 AM.
We may now apply for joining our RBG teams! We will, though, start in may.

Thank you,

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European: Stormscale (PvP)
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